Silver Bay Gifts
~Inspired by Torbay's beautiful coastline~

 silver and bead designs

Created to display and share unique and varied handmade gifts that have evolved through many years of enjoying and studying  a wide variety of crafts. 

Silver Jewellery ~  handmade pieces, original designs that   include shell, sea glass, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and beads.
Driftwood ~ beautifully bleached and natural, made into plaques, mirror frames or sculptures.

Original Oil 
Paintings ~ inspired by the colours of sea and sky or the richness of the Art Nouveau period.

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I never know exactly which craft I will be working on today or what colours I might choose or which design pops in to my head. But it will always be because of my passion for it,  inspired by the shape of the driftwood, the colour of the sea or the sky, the swirl of a shell.